The Daily Battle

Into the Darkness, towards the light.

Out of the twilight, towards the bright

Moonlit, starry, silent night.

Like this serpent, like a Knight,

I travel too, looking for heights.


For territories unchartered and untamed,

For places which only a few braved,

For a place in the world so craved,

For a treasure that the rest have raved,

And the others played and were turned knave,

For a place my own, a solid rocky cave.


I travel in the cosiness of the night,

Knowing where I go and yet searching light.

I look above and with my heart I fight.

For all the freedom it craves to venture back into the light.

The time is not yet ripe.


Like a lamp which gives light and inherits darkness for itself,

Like a hard-working, unnoticed deprived little house elf.

I pull my heart back in its place every moment.

The time is not yet ripe.



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