Care Bear

Hey There,

I hope you found my last post useful and managed to do some cleaning. I know I promised you some skin care tips, quick, easy, and low cost. Now you have done so much cleaning, the weather is changing, because of the fire-crackers there is too much pollution (as if there wasn’t enough already), and you definitely need to give some time to your skin. Here are some tips, and can be used by both Guys and Gals !!


  1. Wear Gloves – That ways you don’t leave fingerprints on crime scenes. Just kidding! While cleaning, or doing other work around the house, you often injure yourself or break nails. You need those nails looking clean and pretty, you don’t want to look like a witch (chudail), so you need to protect your hands. Best option is to wear gloves while working. Now that can seem out right stupid ! How are you supposed to get a grip on things??? And they are expensive and get dirty quickly. Well, allow me to give you a solution…Disposable Surgical or Latex gloves, the ones doctors use. They fit exactly to your size, provide a good grip while you are working, do not get caught anywhere, and you can just throw them once you are done cleaning. If you can’t use gloves, and still want your nails to look pretty, use nail paint!
  1. So maybe your have tacky hands, now what? Lemon !!! Remember that lemon slice in the finger-bowl? That’s there for a reason. If you feel you have grime under your nails which is just not getting out, black elbows, dark heels, patches on your skin…use lemon. Take a quarter of lemon, and apply the juice over the areas concerned. DO NOT apply around eyes (no no!), and DO NOT keep it for more than 10 minutes. Wash the area with cold water, let it dry and then generously apply moisturiser. This also works as a good natural de-tan method. WARNING – you can do this only ONCE a week. Lemons are strong and acidic, and frequent use can damage the skin.
  1. Use Sunscreen !! It is very important that you use sunscreen to avoid sun damage. Use the one that suits your skin. A common complaint with sunscreens is that it leaves the skin oily. There are two solutions to it, first one is that use a lower SPF, any SPF above 45 works the same, so no point going and wasting money over it.  I use the Vitamin E SPF 30 sunscreen by FabIndia, you can give it a try too.
  1. And above all … HYDRATE !! Drink plenty of water. I know everyone says it, and you try it, but you can’t stick to your schedule. Simple idea to do that, keep water in any small cold drink bottle within your eyesight. You will automatically pick it up and drink water at regular intervals. If you’re feeling dehydrated, then lukewarm water with honey works as a quick and effective option. It’s also good for skin.
  1. MOISTURISER is essential in winters. If your skin is anything like mine, it loves winters so much that it cracks up with happiness. Basically its dry, and no matter which body lotion you use after 2 hours it looks like snake skin about to be shed. Now you don’t want to look like that, at all ! So what do you do ? Use coconut oil ! After bath instead of your usual (or extremely expensive or fancy) body lotion, simply use coconut oil on your skin. Use enough so that your skin absorbs it, and you are not left feeling like someone dipped you in coconut oil tank and then dressed you up. It doesn’t smell, your skin is soft and moisturised, and no it won’t tan you. You can use the regular Parachute, its good enough, I use it. If you still have reservations, then have a nice warm bath at night and generously use coconut oil as body lotion. In the morning you can go about your normal bathing routine with your regular body lotion. You can do this every night or alternate days or twice a week, as your skin demands.
  1. Now this one is especially for the GUYS. A lot of my friends ask me “What do I do to protect my skin? It’s tanned, and rough. ” and then comes the disclaimer, “don’t tell me anything elaborate or girly.” Well, well, well. To them, I say this, whenever it is that you return home, during your lunch break, after office, whenever, do this simple little thing. Go wash your face ! I mean it. Literally ! use whichever face wash, soap, ubtan, whatever you like, just wash your face and neck properly and apply your face cream/moisturiser whatever. And if you don’t find it too girly, please use a sunscreen. I think it’s a fairly simple and easy and manly advice, wash your face and moisturise.

I hope you can follow these simple tips and tricks. I would not be the best person to give you and advice on fashion, because I believe in function and comfort before fashion.

I hope you like it. And you are looking at least clean before RoopChaudas (or choti Diwali). My next blog would follow up soon with some quick easy and low cost glamming up options!


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