Keep Calm and Clean

Hi !!!

It’s been a while since my last post, I’m sorry.

Well, now that we are all cool again, I thought that this festive season I will share some tips and tricks with you, about decorating, cleaning, glamming up, skin care, etc, etc… This post will follow up in sections, so here goes the first one. Hope you find it useful.


You know what the ‘C’ in cleaning stands for— its CALM down. Shut up, clear your head, read…and ya… remember to breathe…very important…breathe. Now follow these steps.

1.) Organise ! – I know everyone says it, and you never manage to do it, but its fairly easy. You don’t have to finish everything now, not even today. Take just one small area, a shelf even and start with that. Take everything out and clean that up. See…so simple !

Being mildly OCD about cleanliness, I can recommend that you look up storage options online to organise as well as to hide your mess. Amazon has some great options in terms of drawer organisers, foldable storage, etc. Now when you are putting things back, keep only those things which you use. Arrange them the way YOU like, not how someone else wants it. DO what you feel.

Now when you are putting things back, keep only those things which you use. Arrange them the way YOU like, not how someone else wants it. DO what you feel.

Now when you are putting things back, keep only those things which you use. Arrange them the way YOU like, not how someone else wants it. DO what you feel.

For the rest, make two sections OLX and Garbage. Things like pens which don’t work, registers, old magazines, broken memorabilia, all these go to the Garbage Section. Put the table lamp you hate, your old mobile, junk jewelry you’re bored off, in the OLX Section.  Now, dump the garbage, and sell the OLX section on OLX or your local Raddi-wala, whoever is willing to buy.

Viola! You get money for cleaning !!! and compliments are free !!!

See, its simple and rewarding ! And you did that in a single step !!! Brilliant you are !!

2.) Termites – You might find a small termite residences in you room. In order to PERMANENTLY get rid of them without spending a fortune and toxins, all you have to do is make a trip to your kitchen. Grab the bottle of vinegar (sirka), take a capful and offer it to termites, like pour it in their house. You must chant “jiu mo gwai gwaai faai di zau” like Uncle from Jackie Chan Adventures, if you want the termites truly and forever gone. Just kidding !! Pour the vinegar, they won’t return, atleast not in the same spot. This does not work for wood, only for walls.

3.) Floors – You might face a problem with tough spots on floors, tiles, marbles, etc. Especially if your house is one those 100 year old ones, like mine, with a chip floor. There is blackness at joints, and it makes your room look ugly, and an absolute pain to clean. Well, here is a wonder solution. Use a kitchen cleaner like Cif cream or Vim cream or even your liquid dish cleaner or that harsh shampoo you hate. Just pour it on the floor if the stain is bad, don’t worry, won’t harm the floor, it’s a tried and tested method. (WARNING though – I have never left it for more than 10 minutes. I recommend you don’t either) You’ll need to lather up with the wiper and then wash the floor. If the stains aren’t that bad, dilute a good amount in the bucket (a serving spoon to half a bucket ) and use that to wash/mop the floor. And it’s as good as new, sparkling and smelling fresh !

4.) Cleaning Puja – The dark spots from burning diyas, prasad, flowers, mehendi do not easily go away. I recommend using herbal methods for marble or stone or metal mandirs. for wooden mandirs, I got nothing. Wood is a difficult thing to maintain and clean. Apply lemon juice directly to the stain leave for 2 mins and then gently scrub in circular motions. Wipe away with a clean wet cloth. A lot the grime should come away. You can then use the same floor cleaning solution as above, just add a cap full of vinegar to it while cleaning and the surface will shine ! Once you are satisfied with your cleaning. Mix a few drops of Gangajal in water, dip a clean cloth (not yur usual cleaning pocha) in this solution and wipe the whole mandir clean. Now, its truly clean and purified.

5.) Cleaning Walls – Simply dust the walls with a broom and you will be able to see the difference. If you have one of those long handle brushes for cleaning the roof corners, then you can tie up a cloth around the cleaning brush and dust the walls, the girders and even tubelights, etc. You can also use a dry sponge to clean the edge of the skirting.

6.) Last simple thing to do, when storing your stuff make sure you put naphthalene balls. It should not touch the stuff directly, because it has a tendency to leave stains. Now you don’t want your expensive silks to have funny spots do you? So what do you do? You either keep your stuff in a bag (laundry bags or sari bags are good options), or you keep the naphthalene balls in a tissue paper. Eitherways, there will be no spots and your stuff will be protected from moths, silverfish, etc. If you want to put something to ward off all that in between your woolens, or silks, or whatever, I recommend the cheap way. Go out, grab a handful of Neem leaves, and spread them on your clothes. Neem leaves are natural anti-everything. No stains, no funny smells, nothing. And they’re free!

Hope you found it useful. Remember to use gloves where you can, wear a scarf around your head to save your hair from the dust and maybe a face mask to avoid breathing in the dust.

Since you’ve done all that cleaning you deserve some special treatment, so the next session will be on……….. SKIN CARE!!! And it’ll be posted soon (pst… like really soon).


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