Long Wait

भूली बिसरी यादों में तुम
कहीं खो से जाते हो,
पहले भी तुम थे कहीं
और आज भी ज़हन में धुंधलाते हो |

लौट कर आना मेरे बस में नहीं |
आगे राहों में मिल जाओ कहीं |
राधा, रुक्मणी, मीरा रोकेंगी तुम्हें,
लेकिन रुकना मत,
चले आना,
पलकें बिछाएं हम मिलेंगे यहीं |

So, like an earlier post Call me, Maybe this too is an attempt on bhakti lines,where God is often addressed as a lover (mostly Lord Krishna).

Gist – a person is waiting for her lover to come back to her after separation. She says that I cannot come and join you, but you can come and reside with me, do not stop if your other lovers harken you, I am waiting for you here where you left me.



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