Yesterday and Tomorrow

Past sprouts on you like a fishing net

Creeping onto a sprightly pomfret

Ambling about and minding its own business

When it hits you like water hits a harness.

It churns and grinds you along with it,

Never gives you a chance to free yourself even a bit.

It grinds you like a grindstone.

Sometimes you came out crushed but sometimes you shone.


Like the only sun in the sky,

Rising high and ever so high,

But then it has to come down too,

And the surroundings change their hue.


Fair-weather friends depart,

Your brain and your heart tear you apart,

Then again you find solace in the calmness of the dark night.

It gears you up like a true knight,

You go back to those familiar territories,

Change your fate and forge new stories.


You find peace in God above,

Re-affirming the purity of your faith.

You find new people and new places,

Even so, some you know will have unpleasant traits.


You begin to take control of things,

Just when you’ve lost it all, or so you think.

Often when there is too much to see,

Be yourself, and in the end, all will be

Yours to cherish, to have and to hold.

You’ll come out with flying colours bold.

Yesterday might have been the worst of them all,

But have faith, tomorrow will be a ball.


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