Conversation with a mistaken vampire

Sharp fangs dug deep into the juicy meat. The red juices from the meat smeared the corners of her mouth. Reina had her fill tonight, but just to quench that thirst, she took yet another gulp of the tasty liquid. No more, atleast not today.

She quickly wiped the corners of her mouth lest there be any tell-tale signs of what she had been upto in this dimly light corner of this staircase. She quickly smoothened her dress and walked into the room full of half-drunk bodies. The party was in full swing. Maybe, just maybe…

“You’ve just horked down another burger, haven’t you?”


“There’s mayo on your shoe.”


“Stop binge eating !”

“One’s got to eat…”

“Not after every 20 minutes.”


“Listen, why don’t you…you know, see a proper doctor.”

“You dragged me a year ago to that infernal hospital.”

“Maybe we can see a different one?”

“The result will still be the same.”

“You’re taking your meds?”


“And things are still the same?”


“But you did stop your meds in between, didn’t you?”

“I cope better when I don’t take meds.”

“Hmm…and you haven’t got a fever till now?”


“Any heart related issues?”

“Only when I see Ethan..”

“Any aversion to sunlight?”

“Still love my sun baths.”

“Any aversion to Holy things?”

“Except pervy priests, None. Did you hear what happened down at the…”

“Any aversion to water?”

“Ever since I almost drowned in the kiddie pool.”

“Any ……”

“Listen, shrink Sherlock Fraud….It’s NOT HAPPENING!!”

Reina raised her volume enough to invite a few curious glances from the crowd half dancing and half tumbling on the floor.

“Heh…” She gave an awkward smile and made a failed attempt to hide behind Madeline. That octave had piqued Ethan’s curiosity as well, and her heart was doing somersaults under his glance. Shit.. She hissed at Nancy.

“You jerk ! Ethan is here ! And you’ve made me look like an uncouth fool ! ”

“Best he gets to know you the way you are.”

“Nan !”

Nancy giggled while Reina fumed. She took a deep breath and said,

“Nan, sweetheart, please understand. It’s been a year. I am NOT turning into a vampire. I only have digestive garlic intolerance.”

Nancy sulked, so Reina continued.

“I think after a year of needless research and hoping, you should come to terms with it. I am NOT turning into a vampire.”

“Why !!! Why can’t you? Then I can finally meet a hot vampire !!”

“You seriously…”


“Listen, I am not very gung-ho about the prospect of killing people or stealing blood from blood banks for the rest of my life.”

“Small price.”

“For you.”

“Oh, come on! Seriously? You’ll be picture perfect for the rest of your life!”

“That’s what the movies say.”

“The stories…”

“Are 99 % fiction.”

“Bur 1 % are…”

“Have you met a vampire in real life?”

“I want to ! And that’s why…”

“You sure you’ll be alive after meeting one?”


“Exactly ! So I’ll choose hamburgers and coke over you. I like variety in food. No offense meant.”

“None taken.”


The party continued. Groups formed and reformed. Some bodies spilled their stomach’s contents onto others’ shoes while some had the sense of timing to make it to the restroom. Nancy and Reina excused themselves from this revelry, and were waiting for their respective cabs to arrive.

“So….”                                  “Ethan…”

“You go first”

“No, you began first.”

“Ok. So, garlic allergy…”

“Intolerenace. Allergy is a severe case.”

“Ok ok. So, garlic INTOLERANCE…what does it feel like.”

“Well, now I sympathise with the flea-ridden dogs.”


“Listen, it’s a lot of itching, pooping, bloating, puking. It’s basically PMS with cramps substituted by itching and loosies. I manage.”


“Ya, nothing glorious.” Reina stepped into her cab and told the driver to her address. She waved to Nancy and shouted,

“And for the last time, I’m NOT turning into a vampire!”

She instantly regretted saying that out loud. The cabbie looked at her suspiciously and shifted in his seat. She knew it was going to be a very long drive back to home.


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