The Vile and The Profane

Of grotesque beauties and handsome beasts the city boasts of.

Oh yes! it does indeed.

Off loathsome charms and romantic toads the city sold.

Of vile Gods and saintly Devils the city was composed of.

To heroic zombies and defunct martyrs, the city was bequeathed.

Oh yes! it was indeed.


There ! Lo ! Behold ! comes the king of the city !

The ruler of the city of the living dead rides the white horse of gluttony.

Merriment follows his horse;

With blood in cups and severed hearts, served alongside fungified brains.


See ! There goes his Queen’s chariot !

She lies dead, trapped in her own body, till eternity.

They forsake not her body, for it signifies the epitome of their own sanctity.


All around there was light, melodies and happiness.

The city glowed with a brightness that was not of illuminations.

The city swung and danced, drunk with the wine of its own success;

But there the city stayed, for all the profanities, to inhabit it till eternity.


For loose men and tight women and childless fertile ghouls;

To populate its romance till fervor’s end.

And there it stayed, and so it will; unless time dawns again.

But even if time decided to be reborn, the space will persist;

And the city will linger on to face its own vilery.


O, charming beauties, and martyrs, men and Gods of valor and virtuosity,

Look ! here lie the grotesque beast and the toad, the women and the Devil cursed by profanity and vanity.

Let them pass on to the world of the dead.

Let them now, be at peace.


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