What am I reading?

I know I said that I will tell you the trick behind controlling time. I am an Indian, and by general misconceptions, I am supposed to have mystic yogic powers, and thereby am completely authorised and justified in telling you that. And I will. Just not in this post.

No, not because I am trying to teach you an extended lesson in patience, but simply because I am too lazy to do it right now. Yes, I too procrastinate, believe it !

Today, let’s talk about food. Food for the brain, food for the soul.

No, not about Love. Yes, it’s an essential food group, but it’s not our topic today.

Let’s talk about books, about reading. All of us bloggers love to read and write. Then there are those as well, who just love to read.

Reading is food for the brain and for the soul.

Reading is a window into another world, another lifetime, into past, towards future; it’s the bare naked brutal truth, the flight of fiction, the soft pillow of dreams, the hard concrete of reality, and most of all, it’s a perspective.

I read what I like, what I can understand, or what I am trying to understand.

I read so I can battle the dark forces and come out victorious with not a scratch on me, form bonds with people, pledge my loyalty, curse the heinous villain, get curious about the next twist, feel anger and grief over the loss of a cherished friend, have an adventure, see a city, discover the depths of the ocean and the far reaches of the universe, fall in love, and mostly, to nourish my soul.

I will have deliberately skipped, “to boldly go where no man has gone before”, because frankly, women exclusive spaces hold no charm for me, I’m a woman.

Jokes apart (and that too very bad ones), reading is, for me, somewhere between passion and obsession. I love Enid Blyton. You can bribe me with her books.

There are other authors I love, but no one holds the same charm as her. So many fond childhood hours spent roaming on the faraway tree, having picnics with jam sandwiches, scones, buttered toast and tea cakes with ginger ale and lemonade and tea, planning rescues of dear friends, and learning the good habits.

These are the treasures which I have passed onto my nephew, but he is too young to read.

Tolkien, for me, is the undisputed God of Fiction. There might be people who would beg to differ, and to them I would say – to each his own.

But the point is, what am I reading right now?

On my beloved Kindle – The private life of Mughals, a history of Indian Philosophy and to the moon and back. I have just finished reading – the dagger in the desk by Jonathan Stroud.

On my book shelf are – The very peculiar cow and other stories by Enid Blyton (so obvious) and the art of thinking clearly (don’t remember the author, it’s basically a collection of psychological theories applied to our daily actions)

I am reading all five books. It makes for a nice change from heavier topics, and the brain can only absorb so much. Frankly my attention span is the same as that of a goldfish, 20 seconds. (hee hee) So, I find it more convenient to read more things at the same time to keep some flavor in my reading and to absorb a little bit more.

I have realized that the days I don’t read something, I feel depressed. Honestly !!

I NEED something to read,anything. If I have nothing new, I will re-read the old stuff. But make no mistakes ! This does not apply to text books. Reading them even once is quite a task. (blah!)

What you feed your brain, give as an input; it will use to get an output. Feed it with the good stuff, it will function well and think good things. Feed it the wrong stuff, the output will not be what you may desire.

Best examples are today’s generation, they watch Horrid Henry and behave like Horrid Henry. We used to watch Bob the Builder, Dora the explorer, Jungle Book and have the same work ethics !

Human brain, in its normal way of functioning, does not process the negative. It will remove the negative and use the remaining to process the information. Try it, every time you don’t do this, the person will do exactly that. How many times have the don’t smoke or don’t walk on grass or no parking signs have been followed????  Negative instructions are generally not followed till the time they are accompanied with a punishment, preferably an immediate punishment to result in compliance. If you don’t believe me, try it yourself, and then let me know what happens.

Feed your brain with good and positive things and it will automatically do positive things. Try this as well, and then let me know.

So, let’s conclude this conversation with an exciting experiment for you to do, a DIY. Read only the negative things (hint: newspaper) and observe yourself for a few days. Now, read only something positive and observe yourself for a couple of days.

Let me know the result of your experiment ! Leave something in the comments !! Share it with others, if you like.

Stay happy, stay healthy, be awesome !!


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