I’m in a relationship with …..Who?

So then there are days when I wonder what to post?
As it is with the work load it kind of gets difficult to be regular with the weekly post, but that’s the joy of it all.

There is so much happening around the world. So many things to talk about, so much rush.

That’s one of the things I just don’t understand. Why the rush?

I can understand work related rush, I too am particular about deadlines. I can understand the pain of waiting through other people’s indecisiveness.

What I don’t understand is the perpetual rush we have in our lives, all the time.

We live life in the fast lane. We want a house quickly, a fast fancy car, we quickly fall in love, quickly break-up, eat quickly, we want promotions quickly. Everything is about instant gratification.

So much so, that we quickly want to know everything about a person.

The only person you have lived your whole life with is your mother. Do you know everything about her? Are you sure? Everything?

No, you don’t.

We are all too self-centred and conceited to actually know anything about anyone, including ourselves.

No, this is not a post on self-awareness and blah-blah …. but yes, it might take those tones.

This post is simply my effort to understand when in time did we forget to understand the true nature of time. When did we decide for ourselves that running behind things was better than to understand something and cherish it? When did phrases like “stop and smell the roses” become empty words rather than our way of life. Why do we need others to tell us how to live our own lives?

No, not as a society, but rather as an individual.

You might say, it’s a way of life, this is what we see others doing, so we also do it. This is what we have been taught since the beginning. This is how the world has become, etc, etc.

To all that I say bollocks.

Because in essence what you are doing, is giving me an excuse for not being able to understand your life and handing over the reigns of your life to someone else.

You want to control everything in your life, but you have no idea as to the nature of the things you are trying to control !

That is pretty much the same as an amoeba working a spaceship. Or another example would be that the dog walking under the bullock cart thinking that he is the reason why the cart is moving in the first place. It’s all baloney.

I have tried to understand when did I loose the reigns of my life to the world, when did I start thinking that fate/destiny is what governs my life? But then I never did have that thought process, for me it always faith in my God and hard work and perseverance that governed my life. Whenever I had a low moment, the bottom line was always to keep my faith intact and have the patience to weather the storm that’s blowing in my life. But I did loose the reigns of my life to the world.

To be honest, one cannot completely take back the reigns of his/her life. Whether we like it or not, it is influenced by too many factors over which we have no control – weather, inflation, government policies, other people’s behaviour, etc, etc. But all is not lost. We can take back control of some of the things in our lives. In fact, we can take back control of THE most important thing in our life – TIME.

You have the power to choose how you spend your time. One of my favourite quotes is – You are in a relationship with the person you choose to spend your time with.

This is applicable in every scenario. I have tried out variations of it, but like a scientific fact, it has held true in every situation.
You are in a relationship with your work if you spend more time in the office.

You have a stronger bond with the person you spend more time with.

Think about it.

So the question is, when you spend all you time with yourself, how come you don’t have a super awesome relationship with yourself? Do you know everything about yourself? Do you love yourself enough?

Take two minutes out for yourself and think. There is no rush. The world will not stop spinning if you slow down for two minutes. So, slow down. Take back control and slow down.

If you don’t know how, then wait for my post next week. I will tell you how to slow down time and feel more powerful.
And in fact, that’s tip number one. Learn to wait.
See you soon !


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