A Father’s Burden

So I tried my hand at poetry in Hindi. Hindi Grammar is difficult enough to make proper writing a tough task, so I took the “creative license” excuse for my terrible Hindi grammar and ended up with the short poem. Hope you like it, more coming up soon.

कल अगर चलें जाएं तो कौन याद रखेगा हमें ?
दो परिवार जन बिलखेंगे और कोसेंगे
अकेले चले गए, ले जाते हमें भी साथ !
बिना तुम्हारे अब कैसे होंगे हालात ?

मैं कोने में खड़ा हसूंगा
अरे मूर्खों ! अभी भी खड़ा हूँ तुम्हारे लिए
कुछ उस दुनिया में तुम करो मेहनत तुम्हारे और मेरे लिए
कुछ इस दुनिया में मैं करूँगा अपने और अपनों के लिए

For people who do not understand Hindi — The gist of the poem —

A father wonders that if he dies tomorrow, there will be no one to cry for him except his family. They too would wonder why he left them and how their life will go one and their needs be met? His spirit would laugh at their narrow mindedness as he is still watching out for them beyond the veils of death.


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