PK wasn’t that PK

So, one of the movies was raved about was PK. People had their own reasons for loving or criticising it. I am not presumptuous enough to believe that I’m knowledgeable enough to critically analyse a movie into which so much hard work has been put (that doesn’t stop me from criticising it, I just won’t analyse); however, I do have my own views on what I assume to be the central issue of the movie, i.e. man and his belief in God.

At the very outset, let me clarify that I’m not an atheist. On the contrary, I believe very firmly in my own notion of God. I say my prayers every night, I keep fasts on certain days, I prefer visiting certain temples, so to quite an extent I do happen to follow the religious rituals.

Now, PK is one naïve individual, who sees the world differently from humans, and having lost something precious, in order to recover it, he follows suit with religious practices. In due course, he realises that what is preached and practiced is contrary to what is logical. And this, in my extremely humble and limited opinion, is very true.

Anything that withstands the test of time must, in essence, had to have a grain of truth to begin with, and over the millennia tends to acquire additional layers and appendages which did not belong to it, like an age old nail. To begin with the nail was sharp and sturdy and served its purpose quite well, with the passage of time, it becomes rusty, hollow and at times, the rust is so thick that the nail appears gnarly.

And isn’t it the same with religion. When humans started with the idea of God as creator and destroyer of the world, I believe, it was to validate our own existence, to answer the ever nagging existential questions of who we are, where we came from and how did this world come into existence. God validated not only our own existence but also the existence of the world around us. Then came the question of the purpose of our existence and God was there to provide a solution in the form of fate or destiny. The whole equilibrium or the stability we, as humans, have with our environment is derived from God.

Even in our daily lives, we find that having God as a fall-back is much easier than to have any person as a fail-safe. It is easier to deal with the disappointment of God not fulfilling our wishes than it is to deal with the betrayal of a person in our lives. And let’s just honestly accept it that we do ask God for the whacky stuff like a dinner date with John Abraham (or Megan Fox if you’re a guy or anyone else you may like). We just don’t have reasonable expectations. Since we cannot find an actual physical body to associate with God (not counting all the idols), we cannot precisely define our relationship with God. Someone may go in denial and say that he or she knows exactly what kind of relationship that person has with God. Darling, I don’t want to know about your personal life (and religious beliefs are as personal as it can get), but I do know one thing about you. You’re in denial! Don’t tell me anything because I didn’t ask you, so don’t be honest with me; but at least be true to yourself. (If you’re having trouble with that one of my previous blog can help a little.)

And since we are unable to precisely define our relationship with God, we find the confusion generated by this relationship somewhat easier to deal with. God is one variable which we in our head can substitute for anything. I didn’t study, so God will help me pass exams. Hard work substituted by prayers. But if I’m not wrong, didn’t God say that I help those who help themselves. So if you haven’t studied, no matter how much you pray, you’re not passing. God is not going to write your paper! And this isn’t Student of the Year, and you’re not getting lucky in exams like Jeet by wearing and kissing a religious band before checking every answer on that OMR.

As everyone says, Religion is a path TO God. Every path has certain obstacles and certain benefits. Every path has its own twists and turns, ups and downs, directions, u-turns, hairpin bends and blind turns. It is up to the traveller to choose the path. Some walk the same one as their parents did, some choose to take a different path, whereas some try to make their own path. Old religions make space for new ones. Old ideologies condemn new ideas but new seeds have a way of finding the correct time and environment to grow in, and they grow into big strong trees in a forest filled with strong old trees.

We choose the path we wanted to follow and practice it the way we prefer. Some paths have withstood the test of time, other paths less trodden. We all see religion in our own way, some to the point of fanaticism and some to the point of discarding it.

We have all used God as a means to satisfying our own greed and insecurity. Religion, as Nietzsche puts it, will lose its utility over time. In my opinion, it’s true because it is no longer in a position to define the changing relationship humans have with their changing environment. God instead of a stabilising factor is becoming an unknown variable whose value cannot be derived from any set of logical methods.

Possibly, that’s the problem. Logic may not always be the most logical option. Reason at times may lose its reasonability. Like when you’re in love, there is no reason or logic that works. I think so is man’s relationship with God (or for that matter any relationship). It is beyond reason. One can only go so far as with logic, the rest of the journey has to be traveled on faith. Faith not so much in God, but more so in yourself. The path or religion you choose is up to you. The obstacles you face are your own. Any person, be he a man of religion or not, can only guide you upon the path. No path can be walked blindly, no person can be trusted blindly.

You may believe in some rituals and discard others. The fact is that we as humans cannot find stability in this vast universe without the concept of God. Even though the nail is rusty and has become weak, it still serves its function to hold the equipment together. Religion being that outer rusted coating whereas God is that iron inside which still has the strength to hold it together.Religion being that outer rusted coating whereas God is that iron inside which still has the strength to hold it together.

You can reach a certain distance by burning any fuel, but if you want to travel long and safe and with a certain peace of mind, you have to burn a specific type of fuel at a steady rate. Travel to your nearest bakery on greed and insecurity; keep it together with kindness, compassion and faith.
Now to conclude, PK wasn’t that pee ke (drunk), he knew what he was talking about.


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