An Ode to Life

I died, I lived and then died again,

And yet again, I came back to life, though not to my heart’s content.

I saw sorrow and I felt pain,

And when I closed my eyes again, I could see the end game.

T’was not that thy faded beauty had finally ended;

But there in the end, ye was finally revealed to me,

As thee are meant to be.


Thy tender edges and sharp rounds, plunge and pull me out to ye.

Tell me not whether to approach thee,

For in the end, thee who revealed thyself to me,

Shall come to me by thy own will, and embrace me.


For it was not in the jungles we met,

Nor in the deserts or on the high seas,

Nor were there scores of concrete people, pacing those busy streets.


We met under the starry sky, when I hung between ye and me.


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