The point of blogging

I started writing when I was in school. The whole concept of blogging did not exist then. It was just random scribbling on paper that time. Over time, my writing changed and so did my interests.

For a good while I had no inclination towards any kind of sharing, but frankly, it was the paper that got to me. Too many papers !! I used to write on napkins, on newspapers, in diaries, notebooks and the volume just grew and I could no longer keep track of things. I decided to convert it into soft copy for the sake of convenience.

In the final year of my college, just to experiment, what this whole new blogging thing is, I published a post on Blogger. It felt good, God knows for what reason, but it felt good. It had no views besides my own, but it still felt good. So I thought, why not. And then after a while, I deleted the account because I had no idea what I was doing nor the time to devote to it. And with that, my writing and reading, came to a standstill.

In 2014, was rummaging through some notes and I came across my old scribblings, I leafed through and rediscovered the joy of reading things, besides the daily Cartoon strip. I remembered that it was so de-stressing to put pen to paper. I decided to blog again, just because it was stress relieving  and distracted me from the mundane life, it was a much-needed escape into a different world. Initially, it had no objective, it was just to develop a log book which I could return to whenever I wanted and access it wherever I was. I would share or post the stories I loved, random tips for the season for which I would search the net, and so it was called- Anything and Everything.

However, by the end of the third quarter of 2015, life had taught me the importance of having an open mind not just in myself but in others too. I then decided to give my blog a different shape, just as I am trying to continuously better myself. I renamed my blog to Pariprēkṣya, which means perspective.

It is important to not only have a perspective but to see the world through different perspectives, that is one of the many ways to learn the lessons life can teach us.

I hope to write about the topics that interest me – mythology and relationships. Such broad topics, so much to explore.

I hope the blog reaches those people who would appreciate a different perspective of the mundane world, and whoever reads this blog, sees a different and hopefully broader view of the world around them.

I do not doubt that I will be successful in my blog goals for the year, even though it’s not the easiest goal to achieve – to publish a blog post at least once a week. I do hope to learn and share new stuff with others.


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