The slow lazy breeze was sultry today. The leaves whispered amongst themselves, exchanging gossip over borders. The birds seemed disinterested in it. The dwarf grass leaned in to hear the breeze, it couldn’t understand a word! They were a reclusive group, the grass. No one spoke wind. The grass saw almost everything and had the widest reach, and yet, understood nothing. they never bothered with anyone else.

The leaves saw, heard, understood, misinterpreted and spread every word. The boisterous moody wind gathered and spread mostly its own stories. The lofty birds bitched about each other to everyone else. The grass however, preferred its latitudinal world.

They heard the tinkle of her laughter and saw the twinkle in her eyes. they had often heard her singing to herself, but they could never understand why. The curious leaves had always wanted to ask her,

“what is it today?”

“why are you always smiling?”

“why do you only smell and never pluck the flowers?”

“why are you late today?”

The leaves almost always had answers to all their questions, but they still wanted to ask her. On Sundays, the bored wind would be cheery for a change, and it would hesitantly rustle her skirts to try and start a conversation, but she never understood.

Maybe she was dumb like the grass, she did not understand the leaves or the wind or the birds or even the animals. She could see and hear everyone, but she understood no one. But then on second thoughts, humans were dumb. 

She was the only human who would come to those parts at all, mostly in late evenings, and hence the curiosity. The leaves wanted to know why she comes to these parts which no other human frequented. They had asked her so many times ! She never replied. She ambled alone smiling to herself and at times singing. 

The forest leaves had heard that at times sh got sad too, the garden leaves had apparently seen her crying. The forest leaves knew better than to believe those lowly shrubs and the isolated oak leaves; but the wind said its true, the stupid birds also said its true. She was at times sad. The forest leaves’ curiosity grew and grew, for they had never seen her sad.

Here she was happy. The wind also agreed. The leaves reached the conclusion that the sun’s frequent mood swings were driving the wind mad, and it was high time they broke up, it is never going to work out between them.

The wind’s own observations had aroused her curiosity in the girl. Every day the leaves and the wind tried to pick up a conversation, but that dumb girl just wouldn’t understand!

They wanted to ask a simple question, “why are you happy here despite being alone?”
They only got her smiles in reply.

She had quickly learnt to avoid the overreaching arms of the crooked maple tree. She avoided them today as well; but today, today she turned around and asked the geriatric maple, “why are you happy here?”, and then strolled away…

The grass roared with laughter and taunted the leaves, “who’s dumb now?”.


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