Rip Van Me

So, this one is one of the first stories I wrote ….read on!

It ached. Exactly what was aching I did not know. So I just turned my side and slept again. Besides that, it was a refreshing sleep. It actually felt as though I had managed to sleep for a thousand years, and transported myself into another dimension through one of the weird mechanisms of the interaction of unconscious brain with the undiscovered reality.

Pretty late. I must have missed my first class. Pretty peaceful. I have definitely missed my first class. But there are no pigeons clamoring in my balcony; shucks! It’s most probably afternoon. But why was I feeling dusty and why could I smell the roses? The rose patch does smell awfully nice, but it’s too far. Weird….

Maybe I should just sleep more, I’m hallucinating. Okay, what is buzzing in my ear? This is irritating! Bloody pigeons! They poop and clamor and peep into your room and consider your balcony as public property. And people think these evil birds are harbingers of peace! Okay, enough! I have to get up. Stupid pigeons!

I’m definitely hallucinating.

No wait!

I’m having one of those waking dreams. But hell! I can touch that weird thing! What is it? It’s not a color or metal I could recall, it doesn’t look like jewelry (wish it was); so what is it doing near my arm?

Hold on, I’m not in my room!

I was, and I should be, but this is no place I can remember. It’s not class, it’s not home, not my hostel room and it’s not a room in a freaking working women’s hostel. Where in the world…

The sky is red, or a lighter shade of it. I’m lying on blue soil amongst someone’s flower bed and the house in front of me is…weird. There is no other word for it but weird. The door opens. I think it did, or someone just apparated in front of that house, like one of those Potter movies. I can see that house has only windows this side, so I guess I’m not in front of the house, but on the side of the house. But, I can see the road, or that is what I guess it to be, in front, no behind me. Weird! Weird! Weird!

Person approaching.

Correction, small person approaching.

Correction yet again, small green person with antenna approaching. What the …?! Okay, I’m in trouble, should I run or should I stay? Where the hell will I run? I don’t even know where I am. What if I stay? How will the persona of that person, no…being, hell! An alien being will react? I totally messed up his, no…her, no…it, whatever’s flower patch. I’m dead meat. I think he’ll invite me for dinner, and Iwill be the dinner.

Hell! Okay, person too close. Crap! Person angry. Correction, person raging mad! Person’s hands grabbing me. Break free, run! Crap! I cant move! Person has firm hold on me (I’m so dead now), and starts shaking me and keeps on shaking me…(what is wrong? Is he going to make a blood-shake without putting me in a mixer?!)

Wake up, silly! Wha… Class over! Guess you didn’t sleep properly last night, either ways, can’t blame you, lecture was pretty boring.

I open my eyes. My friend was waking me up. I had slept in class. I could not endure the torture of that lecture and had slept off in the last 5 minutes. There were no aliens, no red skies, no blue soils, no ruined flower patches…cool! Okay, pack up stuff, leave class, sleep in room.


That weird metal thing is on my table! What in the world…?! Reality check. Still in class, had a weird dream, and found someone’s lost weird thing.

Oh well! It’s just weird. Silly Rip Van Me.


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