Parents have super powers

Yup! All parents have super-powers. Don’t believe me, here are some pointers and find out yourself:

  1. Power to read minds – well if they didn’t, how do they catch your goof ups everytime, like everytime ! one look and your mom knows you didn’t drink you milk, it went down the drain. This list is endless. And you and I both know this. So let’s just agree on this one.
  2. Power to apparate – they just appear out of nowhere, like literally nowhere! Everytime I turn around in the kitchen I see either of them standing. I just have to think about the chocolate or ice-cream, and ppfffttt!! Appears mom….. explain
  3. Power to change age – when you are a kid you are in a hurry to grow up. When you grow up, you wish you can go back to childhood. But look at your parents, they have the ability, to do that!!! Haven’t you seen them throw random tantrums, over silliest of the things? Portions of rajma, tv remote, where to sit in the car, games on phone…. Like a 3 yr old…..and then all of a sudden they’ll behave their age !!! On a good day it’s like an Enid Blyton novel…. Where the character escapes to a fantasy land, has an adventure and comes back to his usual life, on a bad day, it’s like a bad episode of Doctor Who, which is really saying a lot. All in all, the result is, they get what they want and you keep wondering what just happened ???!!!
  4. Power of Omniscience– Yup! They know everything. They even know what you did last summer and they know the secret behind Bilbo’s pity and all other questions whose answers neither Stephen Hawking or Albert Einstein knew, but they are your parents. They know everything, except computers. And you’ll think that will be their kryptonite. Ha! Like Ha! Don’t think like a fool. Have you tried explaining it to them … Tried TEACHING them … now you know what I mean, I rest my case.
  5. Power of doo-dah – this is the super power to get away with everything. A scratch on the car, bad cooking, messed up room, un-ironed clothes, terrible driving, bad hair, wrong parking….everything ! If you do it, then get ready for anything from a deadly glare to the verbal tsunami. They can mess with the Zohan, you can’t. You don’t have the power of doo-dah…they do !!
  6. Super power of emotional blackmail – do I even need to explain this…. Like seriously ??? there is no kryptonite for this one…. Get used to it you puny mortal !

But, all this ranting aside… we all love our parents, and you don’t need any particular day to tell them you love them…


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