My new Parrot

Nope, I didn’t get any new being in my house. My mum will throw me out. Ever heard the Hindi phrase “Ye kya naya tota paal rakha hai?” which means, “In which new mess have you gotten yourself into?” Ya, that kind of parrot.

My new parrot is “Digestive Garlic Intolerance”, which basically means loose motions, vomiting, bloating, itching and the lot. It’s not nice, not at all; and finding food without garlic in India is a pain! I have no idea how I developed it, because I didn’t have it for so long and now all of a sudden I have it.

So, two questions pop up immediately in your mind- how can you be sure that you’re allergic to garlic; and what will you do now?

To answer the first, my mum told me. Period. She experimented on me like a lab rat and found out that I’m allergic to garlic, especially if it’s not properly cooked. Now, if you are wise, you will know better than to argue with your mum. I’m wise.

So, instead of arguing with her, I confirmed it myself. Eat food without garlic – happy life. Eat food with garlic – start living in the washroom.

My first thoughts on finding my new tota were the same as every other LOGICAL person – am I turning into a vampire ??? I wish, but no. I’m still pretty much human, to my dismay, if I’m to be honest. Frankly, I don’t want to join the Cullen clan either. At times, I still check myself at night just to make sure there are no signs of fangs or leathery wings or any urges slick back my hair with an overdose of oil and turn myself into chaparganju. Thankfully, nothing of the sort yet. No, I’m not a vampire. I googled it like any other hypochondriac and double checked my symptoms to make sure I wasn’t dying or mutating. Nope, just that my digestive has decided to disagree with garlic.

That taken care of, what to do about it now? Stop eating garlic.

What about food in restaurants? Ask for Jain food (but only with no garlic).

What if you want to eat non-vegetarian food? Go for tandoori preps or look at it and drool.  Non-veg food now has the same status as John Abraham for me; all you can do is look and drool and in the case of John, drool like a mad rabid dog.

What if you eat food at someone’s house or a wedding or someplace where you don’t have the option of avoiding garlic? Hmm.. Now that’s a difficult one.

I can’t avoid being affected by it, I will develop the symptoms but what I can do is control the extent of those symptoms. Adding lemon to the food helps a lot. Consuming lemonade also helps a lot.

Also, if I am home, I make a concoction of ginger, black pepper and cinnamon and sip that. It helps a lot.

Now, that we are clear about my tota and you’re up-to-date with the weird things happening in my life. Tell me something, have you developed a random allergy to something? Leave it in the comments below. See you soon!


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